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Our Values

Working at CFP, you can expect to freely organise your own work, enjoy a high degree of autonomy and a warm and friendly environment.

Our team atmosphere is especially dynamic, creative and collegial!

  • Togetherness

    What unites us?
    Team spirit, open and respectful treatment and a good dose of humour and fun at work.

  • Entrepreneurship

    What drives us?
    The opportunity to freely organise your own work, take responsibility and develop yourself.

  • Dynamics

    What makes us special?
    Flexibility, focus on solutions and hands-on attitude.

CFP as an Employer

Our staff services range from attractive training programmes through flexible working hours to fitness studio partnerships.

  • individual development

  • fair compensation

  • perks and benefits
  • good public transport & highway accessability
  • cafeteria / café
  • employee events
  • flexible hours
  • complimentary parking
  • fitness studio-cooperations
  • free water / coffee
  • preformace bonus
  • personal objective aggreement

Careers FAQ


  • How do I apply?
    We prefer online applications using our application form.
  • Can I also submit a speculative application?
    You are welcome to apply using the speculative application form.
  • What is the application process?
    The application process is standardised in the following steps
  • Are there application deadlines to meet?
    As long as you can view the job ad on our homepage, we are still in the selection process and you can apply.
  • How long does the application process take?
    We always try to give you feedback on the status of your application as quickly as possible.

TRAINING / Dual Study program

  • What professional training do you offer?
    We offer training to become a clerk in wholesale and international trade, specializing in wholesales and office management. Both can also be done in connection with a bachelor's degree.
  • Which subject can I take in the dual study program?
    Our dual students take the subjects retail management or general management in the bachelor*s degree. Do you have other plans? Let's talk about more possibilities!
  • How long is the training/dual study program?
    The program usually lasts three years, but can be shortened to two years depending on qualifications. The bachelor's degree also lasts three years.
  • When does the training/dual study program start?
    Training usually starts on 1st of August each year. If you decide to study without training, the start is usually on 1st of October each year.
  • Which departments will I be placed in?
    Trainees and dual students are placed in the logistics, sales, marketing, trade marketing and accounting departments.


  • Does CFP Brands also offer internships?
    We offer internships depending on requirements and opportunity.
  • In which departments can I do an internship?
    We generally offer internships in the marketing, trade marketing, logistics, accounting and sales departments.
  • How do I apply for an internship?
    Please only apply for the job advertisements that are advertised if required.